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Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion’s 2022 seminars will focus on several topics.  

Seminars listed below:

  1. 1/ Educating the African-American Man on Prostate Cancer
  2. 2/ Dealing with Toxic Family Members and When Should You Walk Away
  3. 3/ Women’s Health and the African-American woman (Fibroids, Breast Cancer, Heart Disease etc.)
  4. 4/ Entrepreneurship (Steps on starting a business, finding funding etc.)
  5. 5/ Community Violence
  6. 6/ Social Justice
  7. 7/ Financial Literacy for Teens
  8. 8/ High School Seniors: “What’s next if you don’t want to go to college?”
  9. 9/ Dealing with Issues as an African-American Man and Solutions
  10. 10/ Being a Caregiver, Dealing with Stress, and Working Full Time
  11. 11/ Mental Health in the African-American Community


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