Covid-19 Guideline

Covid-19 Guideline

It’s Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion’s mission to make our two-day event safe during Covid-19.

Temperature Check -Staff, vendors, and participants will have temperature checks.  Anyone with a temperature over 100 or higher will not be permitted at the event 

Face Mask-  All vendors, Staff, and participants must wear face mask unless you are performing on stage. If anyone removes a face mask during the event,  you will be asked to leave.

Stage Performance – All participants will be asked to stand 6 feet from the stage.

Seminars at the King Center -  The Yolanda King Auditorium holds over 200 seats.  Participants will be seated 3 seats apart.

Vendors-   Although there will be over 100 vendors at the event, vendors will not be close together.

Crowd control –  APD  ( Atlanta Police Department ) will monitor Crowd Control to make sure the event is safe for participants.  

 Hand Sanitizer – There will be several areas with hand sanitizer.

I look forward to seeing you at the 6th annual Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion on September 12th and September 13th