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K-Michelle is looking for New Artists for her record label on Atlantic Records
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    1. Acts will be allowed 3 minutes to perform. Anyone that exceeds this time, the option to discontinue music and microphone(s) is the discretion of the stage manager
    2. Participants are allowed to audition in 2 performances (ie: Solo and Group performance OR 2 group performances) Entry fee for each is required
    3. No profanity or vulgar lyrics
    4. Formats of Music may include, but not limited to: Rap, Pop, Gospel, Country, Latin, R&B, Jazz
    5. No nudity, keep attire respectful and tasteful
    6. No tobacco, alcohol or drug images displayed on clothing
    7. Sound technician and microphone(s) will be provided. You must provide your own music on CD, instrument, keyboard etc.
    8. Recorded accompaniment tracks with background vocals are allowed
    9. Lip syncing will automatically disqualify the artist(s)
    10. Acts are not required, but encouraged to bring 2 cd’s in case of cd malfunction
    11. Late arrivals and No Shows can be disqualified
    12. Each paid participant(s) will receive a performance badge, anyone not performing must purchase an Expo General Admission ticket (Inviting your family and friends to support you strongly encouraged and may enhance your performance)Entry fees are non refundable and non transferrable NO EXCEPTIONS
    13. Participants will be judged on talent and stage appearance
    14. After the initial audition (Round 1) top performer(s) will be judged and selected to move onto Round 2. The Round 2 audition will take place directly after Round 1. Winner(s) will be selected for a recording contract opportunity on KMichelle Record Label, distributed by Atlantic Records
    15. AS&E will provide an opportunity to audition for a recording contract however we do not GUARANTEE that any participant(s) will have the talent requirements for a recording contract
    16. Forms of Payment Accepted: Online Credit Card payments
    17. Contestants will be registered and receive their registration number/credential that is REQUIRED for entry into the initial round of K-Idol auditions NO EXCEPTIONS
    18. Participants must submit their online entry form and fee not later than 12am August 4th. Onsite entries will be accepted, however space is not guaranteed
    19. Performance begins at 2pm Sunday, August 6th. Participants MUST check in 2 hours prior to performance time; Georgia International Convention Center 200 Convention Center Concourse, Atlanta, Georgia 30337
    20. Contestants will hold harmless AS&E, Javie Entertainment, V103, 11Alive, KMichelle, Atlantic Records or any affiliates of the Atlanta Black Family Reunion responsible for any liabilities or damages as a result of the K-Idol talent auditions