Vendor Info

2022 Vendor Information

Full Payment is required. No Refunds after full payment.

 Terms and Conditions (please read)

Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion will be held regardless of the weather  

1/ No counterfeit merchandise permitted.

2/ Vendors take full responsibility for all their products sold at their booth. Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion is not responsible for any items missing.

3/ All vendors must be set up one hour prior to the start of Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion.

4/ Atlanta’s Black Family hold the right to close vendor exhibit if they violate the terms and conditions.

5/ Vendors agree that any photos or videos taken of your participation at Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion can be used by Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion’s marketing team. No compensation to vendors in video or photos.

6/ Vendors will get outdoor booth with name of Business.

7/ No booth sharing is allowed without permission from Atlanta’s Black Family Reunion’s management.

8/ Vendor will pay for their own power and internet. Prices will be provided upon request.

9/ Scroll down this page to see the 2022 rates.

10/ Refunds must be put in writing an e-mail to LStanley@atlantablackfamilyreuion.com  All refunds will be returned 2 weeks after the cancellation date. No Refunds are given After August 12 !

Please provide State: Zip/Postal Code: Country:

Street Layout (To Enlarge Scroll To Bottom Of Website And Click The Map)

An invoice will be e-mailed to vendors to make payment online.

Food Vendor $800.00 (Food Only To Be Sold)

All Food vendors must have a Food Service Training Certificate, the class conducted by Fulton County health department or ServSafe Certificate. All Food vendors must provide a ground cover. No ground cover — No Setup. All grease must be properly disposed of. No Dumping! The vendor will be fined and must leave. Food vendor must provide their own electricity. Proof of Insurance and fire extinguisher required.

Cart Vendor $500.00

Merchandise Vendor $700.00

Corporate Vendor $3,000.00

Medium Companies Vendor $1,500.00

Non-Profit Vendor (No Selling) $350.00